Medicine in Topicals

Topical marijuana provides local relief and does not have effect on the brain, meaning there is no high. Our patients have reported relief from

                                                   rheumatoid arthritis






                                                           back pain




                                                         skin rashes

                                                           bug bites

                                                         muscle pain

                                                       cauliflower ear

                                                     stress and anxiety

We make our products by hand in small batches with love.  We use cannabis grown in the Mendocino sun without pesticides.  All of our medicinal balms contain THC and CBD.  Our balms have tested a range of THC and CBD.

The 1 oz jar has between 39mg and 117mg THC and 36mg and 176mg CBD

The 2 oz jar will have between 78mg and 235mg THC and 73mg and 353mg CBD

The 4 oz jar between 157 mg and 470mg THC and 146mg and 706mg CBD depending on the material we use.  The batches are small enough that we don’t send them all for testing, but to try and keep the products consistant they are usually going to test in the upper ranges.

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