A few months ago I started getting pain between my shoulders when walking the dog on cold nights, so I was dreading an upcoming work trip to cold climates in the middle of winter. But a friend gave me some of the Balm before I left, and I applied it to my shoulders once or twice a day to keep the pain at bay while I was traveling. What a relief!

6/15 BZ - Albany, CA

I bought the Mendocino herb balm for my back pain and was a bit concerned that my girlfriend would find the scent too strong for her. On the contrary, she loves the smell and now she uses it all the time too. I use the balm not only on my back but for other aches and pains, cuts and bruises too. It works and it smells great!

August 2016 SS - Mill Valley, CA

I have been diagnosed with Degenerative Disk Disease in multiple disks, Sciatica, and Spinal Stenosis. All of these contribute to an overwhelming amount of pain with pain levels of anywhere from 2 to 9. I have tried and used nearly all available medications and treatment options. While some of these do provide some relief, they also change ALL of my mind and body. Realizing that I do not like the standard pain meds, I researched and found ANNIE’S OWN, a simple balm, like Ben Gay, that you just rub on the skin over the areas of pain. I first tried it on a very cold night, which only adds to my pain levels. I rubbed a generous amount all along the base of my spine, from hip to hip. Within about 12-15 minutes, I sensed a calming and wonderful feeling of relief come over me like no other.  At first, I thought it was just my mind and my optimistic hope. Very soon, I realized that my excruciating pain was actually melting away. The relief I found while using ANNIE’S OWN provided me with enough relief to get me up and get going again. I love the amazing results from a centuries old form of medical applications. It worked for the Native Indians and it works for me… Thanks Annie…Your balm has given me my life back !!…

11/16 J.J. - Woodside, Ca.  

I have been using Annie's Own Balm for several months; I rub it on my shoulders every morning after a hot shower.  For years I have suffered pain associated with rotator cuff injuries in both shoulders-I have tried a numer of balms, salves and pain/inflamation drugs.  Nothing has worked so consistently as the Special Balm-it's a great product.12/16 C J - La Honda, CA

...got the balm thank you very much. I wanted to let you know that i was able to sleep without pain for the first time in so many many years.. the balm really works.  The only problem is i have to put it several times a day. But oh my god that balm is amazing. Cant thank you enough for giving me this balm.. appreciate it a lot.. i love you.. you dont know how happy and grateful i am to you and to that lady who invented this balm. 

12/17 - Maria - Glendora, CA

after 46 years of working in kitchens all over the world. I have lost most of the cartilage in my knees,back and neck. I have tried all kinds of medical remedies and acupuncture. every kind of ointment you can find. but the only thing that works is ANNIE'S OWN. I have a jar in everyone of my cars{ i have 8 of them} a jar in my kitchen at my restaurant and of course one at my bed side. I have also introduce it to at least a dozen friend. thanks for your efforts.

1/18 CS - Torrance, CA

I have been suffering with tendonosis on my right foot for over five years.  I have been ignoring it until it got worse and it wasvery painful to walk and had to walk on crutches, for one month, then wear a boot for six weeks, which was horrible cuz it was my right foot so I could not drive for two months!  

The pain would come back periodically, but I found using the balm would immediately stop the pain, so I always have it on hand.  I have a few other friends that use this balm after then come back from exercising to loosen their muscles.

Thank you Annie!

3/18 DN - Sylmar, CA

My husband has chronic pain, multiple myeloma and spina bifida.  His pain is mainly all over his body.  The worst pain is on his lower back, spinal cord just above the buttocks and the back and neck area.  Also his temples where he has migraines.  

Using the salve has been a miracle for him.  Thank you so very much!

 3/18 S.M. in Pomona, CA

I have been using Annie's Own for years on my hands, elbows, shoulders and knees for arthritis, it helped to relieve pain and to reduce my swelling,  several years ago I also started to develop "cauliflower ear" from jiu-jitsu, the pain was intense to say the least, the Annie's Own not only relieved my pain but it also dramatically reduced the swelling in my ears.  This past spring, my youngest son also developed a little "cauliflower ear", also from Jiu-Jitsu, we both have competed on an International level, we train hard and these things are sometimes the result of that.  I used the Annie's Own on his ears and they also were returned to their natural state; amazing and wonderful is how I would describe Annie's Own.

June, 2018 - TO - Huntington Beach, CA

Jeff running

I heard about Annie’s Own from a fellow runner and was interested in trying it to help alleviate the aches and pains associated with running. Most recently, I used it after a 50k ultramarathon to help avoid ‘delayed onset muscle soreness’ associated with 6+ hours of running. I used it immediately following the race and a few days after. I was happy with the results and it allowed me to resume my training a mere two days after my race. Looking forward to having Annie’s be a regular part of my training.

 J S - Oakland, CA

Last year I had my first total knee replacement

and after 6 months I had the other knee done.

The pain and tightness on both knees were giving

me a hard time sleeping and resting at night, but, since

I started using the Annie's Own cannabis soothing

balm, I fall asleep like a baby now. I am also 

using it for my stiff neck before the pain becomes worse -

and honestly, after a few minutes of application, the

pain is totally gone.  I even suggested it to my wife

and she's very satisfied with the result. I will definitely

recommend it to a friend.

                                                           Nilo of Walnut

Agony is the word I describe the shoulder and back pain

I have felt for almost 20 years. When my boss found out

about my pain she recommended the balm. She gave me

a small sample to use which i used that night. I fell asleep

right away and it was a very deep sleep. I normally wake up

3 to 4 times every night and find it very hard to fall back to 

sleep. The night I used the balm, I didn't just have deep

sleep but I didn't wake up that often., The next day I didn't

feel groggy at all. I was alert the next day and well rested.

There was no pain at all.

                                                              Hazel of Chino Hills

I began using Annie’s Own balm during an uptick in training (I swim, bike and run).  It had a great theraputic affect and took away soreness (a refreshing tingle).  I continue to use it regularly.

                                                                        Capt. J Morgan

                                                                        Ret. FDNY and Ironman

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